MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S., will ship the products purchased by the customer through its direct sales channels, all shipments will be made free of charge. Shipping will only be charged when the product is sent under warranty, and in the review of the product it is determined that the damage is due to misuse by the customer and is not a manufacturing defect. In the same way, the customer will bear the shipping costs, when changes are made for size, color or reference.

MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S., will make the shipment through the courier company that has coverage in the place of delivery of the product. Likewise, the customer will be notified of the company with which the shipment was made and the tracking number so that it can be tracked.

Delivery times will be the responsibility of the shipping companies. Once the purchase is made, MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S. will have 3 working days to deliver to the carrier. MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S. will not interfere in the shipping times of the carrier.

Deliveries cannot be made on an exact schedule. In case you have any concerns with the dispatch of the product you can contact the email or WhatsApp line +57 317 5861430.
The product may be received by any person of legal age who lives or is present at the place of delivery, for which the signature of the guide provided by the carrier will suffice.

In case the product has signs of damage or breakage in its packaging at the time of delivery, you must record it in the carrier's guide as an observation and contact the email or WhatsApp line +57 317 5861430.
In the same way, we request that at the moment of opening the package, the customer films the opening, in order to verify that the content of the product has not been altered.